Gone Fishin’

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

This poem was written for my brother Michael on his birthday. We don’t speak that often, I e-mailed it to his wife, mydear friend and sister-in-law. I don’t know if he ever read it. It was written with much love.

Gone Fishin’

Pole in hand,

boat keys in pocket.

Gonna hit open water,

’til the watch says to dock it.

Water so smooth,

thoughts far away.

Crack open a Bud,

What an awesome day!

Cast out my line,

hear the lure pop.

Tenderly sinking,

An elegant drop.

Not biting  just yet,

As I sit here relaxed.

Watchin’ my line,

strong and just waxed.

Something  just hit!

I can see it way down!

This thing is big,

Ain’t foolin’ around.

Puts up a struggle,

fights for its life.

Don’t want to end up,

near my sharp fishin’ knife.

Whose gonna win?

It’s just him and me.

I admired its rare beauty,

and then, set it free.

Coventry CT 07

  1. Caroline says:

    I hope he did read it, it is wonderful! You are also wonderful! So glad you are finding your “non-writing” writing possible here! I look forward to visiting here often!

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