For Whatever It’s Worth

Posted: February 26, 2010 in Uncategorized
A Poem from a wife.
For Whatever It’s Worth

I can’t be your cheerleader all of the time,

You take my last nickel and ask for a dime.

You pretend not to notice I’ve withered away,

Turning your cheek with nothing to say.

Used all my tricks to turn this around,

All of my tactics have proven unsound.

I ask for the sun and you bring me rain,

You look upon me with doubt and  utter disdain.

For whatever it’s worth maybe not justified,

When a truth is untold you may as well lied.

So sit there and smile in your usual pose,

Eyes in my direction that  suddenly close.

I rest my case, the weight overtaking,

My hearts not for sale or any manner of breaking.

Coventry CT

March 08

  1. dh127 says:

    You’re breaking my heart.

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