Posted: March 4, 2010 in Uncategorized


Lying before me

Pristine and timeless

A landscape

Untouched and unintruded

Shade as thick and dark as a moonless midnight


A cacophony of bird song

God, Himself

The orchestra conductor


Flora and fauna pushing through

Newly softened Spring soil

Felled trees

A horizontal reminder

Of generations past


The tiniest of scavengers

Feed on the wooden remains

Nothing wasted

Scents of pine and decomposure

April 08

Coventry CT

(note: submitted to Poetry Quarterly 9/3/10)

  1. Dani H says:

    Beautiful, Joanne. I love that “shade as thick and dark as a moonless midnight.” Just lovely!

  2. joannefirth says:

    Thank you! Nothing more serene than nature.

  3. inciteme says:

    Aaah…the serenity of it all. Love it!

  4. joannefirth says:

    Awww. Thanks sis. Love you. ❤

  5. Linda Adcock says:

    This one is outstanding Sis – you captured it!!!!

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