Mom’s Cheesecake Recipe

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today, March 7th, is an anniversary. A solemn one. My mom passed away 12 years ago from breast cancer complications. I could write volumes about my mom  but I decided I would like to honor her memory in a simple and wonderful way. Her cheesecake recipe. I have the original right here next to me. Index card yellowed with age, hand typed on a blue Royal portable typewriter. Spotted with cheesecake ingredients from back in the day. On the left margin of the index card are the hand written measurements for half of the recipe. I’ll type up the whole one and you can decide. It’s a big cheesecake and made our family get togethers really extra special. Enjoy!

Marie’s Cheese Cake

Crust:     36 Graham crackers

                  1 1/2 sticks of butter or margarine

                  1/3 cup of granulated sugar

Filling:    1 pound of cream cheese, softened at room temperature

                   3 eggs (separated)

                   3/4 cup of sugar

                   1 tsp vanilla

                   1 tsp lemon rind

Blend cheese, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla very thoroughly using medium speed on mixer.

Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Pour into crust and bake in a 375 degree oven for 2o minutes. Cool.

Topping:     1 pint sour cream

                        2 tsp vanilla

                        1/3 cup sugar

                        Cherry pie filling (optional)

Mix these ingredients by hand and spread over top of cake. Return to oven at same temperature and bake 10 minutes longer. cool 

If desired, top with canned cherry pie filling.

  1. joannefirth says:

    Randy, thank you so much! I’m very sorry about your mom, so young. My mom was only 68. There are just no words to express such a loss. Her baking brought her and the family so much joy and comfort. It is an honor to share a bit of her legacy. Giant bear hug to you. P.S. The cheesecake is just amazing. 🙂

  2. inciteme says:

    Thank-you for this for this recipe. I too, had a mother who passed away from breast cancer in 2006 – she was 66 years old. So your story of your mom and her recipe hits home for me.

    Endless cups of love may have be your mom’s secret ingredient…:-)

  3. joannefirth says:

    Of course! I would love if you made this. It is delicious and so filling. If you have any questions about the recipe, just let me know. Size of pan, etc. I’ve never made it, but I can find out for you.

    We have that in common about the recipes, I have all of my mom’s originals and cherish them. My sister made up a beautiful memorial binder for all the women in family. We just love it. Mom’s cooking….always the best. ❤

  4. Dani H says:

    This sounds delicious, Joanne. I feel like my mother’s legacy is her recipes. Every holiday my daughter, son-in-law, and both grandchildren ask for dishes that my mother always made. She didn’t use a lot of written recipes. The last few years of her life, I would sit in her kitchen, pencil and paper in hand, trying to write down every ingredient, but I never got the recipe for her cheesecake. She also used a sour cream topping ~ may I borrow your mother’s in it’s place? *hugs*

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