Untitled #2

Posted: March 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Untitled # 2

I touched a star

It burned my skin

Layer by layer

To the bones within


I touched a star

Before it took flight

And flashed its tail

Through the onyx of night


I touched a star

With word after word

For if it were true

It would be quite absurd


I touched a star

With just a sad thought

To free my subconscious

From the fights I have  fought


I touched a star

Then hovered around it

Refreshed by its joy

And truly astounded


I touched a star

Then found my way home

And to honor its beauty

I surrender this poem

November 07

Coventry CT

  1. joannefirth says:

    Caroline – Wow! I’m truly humbled by your words. They mean so much. You know this was a bit tricky for me, and still is. Everyday I get a little more relaxed about it. Your continued encouragement is helping. Thank you. Love and smooch. 🙂

  2. Caroline says:

    LOVE IT. Simply cannot say how much talent you have – see if I could express that – I too might be writer (or poet if in verse), but all I can say is that you my dear friend are supremely talented, and I am just grateful that have chosen to share your wonderful talents with us. I love this one, it is – well awesome.

  3. joannefirth says:

    Thanks sis!! I like this one too, just couldn’t think of a title for it for some reason. Love you. ❤

  4. Linda Adcock says:

    I love this one – it is one of my favorites!!!

  5. Randy says:

    Beautiful! Simply Beautiful! 🙂 🙂

  6. joannefirth says:

    Thanks Dani. We’ll see about the muse. 😉 Appreciate your visit very much. ❤

  7. Dani H says:

    OMG! Joanne! I am in complete and total awe of you and your gift! {Please let that damn muse out of the closet.} This is stunning!

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