10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Thank you Dani, @ddh77  for selecting me. Hmmmm. I’m new at blogging, skittish as it is but I am a good sport. From what I gather, bloggers send this Honest Scrap thing to each other encouraging one another to share 10 things about themselves that people may not know. Also, the strings attachment of it all require this being sent on to other bloggers. The buck may just stop here because I don’t know any other bloggers who have not already participated in this. So, that being said, read, enjoy, shake your head in confusion. Here’s my 10 things.

1.  I am very private about everything I write. Sharing it causes uncomfortable physical symptoms. I am working on this.

2. I don’t like shopping malls, tourist attractions or places where large numbers of people gather for whatever. I am most content somewhere quiet and secluded, yet beautiful. Like the beach or the woods.

3. I love to fish. I can sit or stand for hours watching the ripples in the water waiting patiently for my bobber to go under. I can bait a hook, fix a pole and remove a fish, if necessary.  I do keep moist towelettes on hand.

4. I wrote my first poem at age 7 about our nations flag. After that I fell in love with rhyme and words in general. My head has not stopped spinning since.

5. When someone sneaks up on me, I jump, scream, swear then get mad for minute. So please, try not to sneak up on me. Thanks.

6. I’m not a big fan of a lot of stuff. Especially new stuff. I get a bigger kick out of finding something old and used that has a story behind it. I like character in my stuff.  

7. I love camping. We camped as kids all the time and we loved it. Camping now consists of a 40 ft, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom RV that we bring to the same campground we’ve been going to for 17 years. It sits on our spot all summer. It’s not really camping anymore this way but when I sit by the fire and feed wood into it, sure feels like camping to me.

8. I can’t fall asleep unless Kelly the dog is on my pillow. The little breathing and dreaming noises she makes lull me to sleep.

9. I don’t like Spring. Every Spring I feel a little freaked out, I don’t know why. I’m fine by the end of April. Maybe it’s the contradiction of warm weather and bare trees. What ever it is, I’m really happy when it’s over.

10. For Dani @ddh77 Thank you for picking me to share my 10 things. I hope I didn’t let you down. Thank you for your friendship, your beautiful Haiku and your large, loving heart. I love you.

  1. inciteme says:

    Thankyou for displaying courage to go with the flow. It’s testimonies such as yours that gives me strength to be me. Thanks again 🙂

  2. joannefirth says:

    Thanks Simon, thanks for visiting and commenting. Every day I think about this blog and become a little bit more comfortable with it. It has been quite an experience I must say. Reminds me, I need to visit yours. 🙂 Hugs back!

  3. Simon says:

    I am so glad you have overcome number 1 ~ I have to admit I’m much the same but I REALLY enjoy your poetry. It’s great to learn more about you {{{hugs}}}

  4. Caroline says:

    Hey Joanne! thank you for sharing this info about you! So cool that you like outside stuff! I hate “outside” what with its bugs and what not, but very jealous of those who do! I am so with you on #2! probably why I always choose to live in smallish towns, not huge cities and rarely go to concerts. My personal space is about 10 x larger than most :o) I know this was a leap and so I’m doubly happy that you shared! :o) Thank you!!

  5. Dani H says:

    I love you, too, bunny! Of course you didn’t let me down! You surpassed my expectations as you always do ~ and my expectation bar is set pretty darn high. I love you more now if that’s even possible ~ I DO know this was difficult for you, especially after the last week or so that you’ve had to go through. You can’t see me, but I am standing up applauding you, dear, for your extreme courage in pushing past the fears to do this list.I know you just elbowed your way past them and probably told them they could go to hell. You are part of my heart, Joanne, and I am more grateful for you and your stunning gift of words than I’ll ever be able to express. *biggest squishiest hug*

    • Dani H says:

      *CRASH*{CLANG}[BOOM!!!!] Just want to make sure you hear me coming, sweetheart ~ I’ll even wear a cowbell around my neck so that you always hear me and never feel I’ve snuck up on you! *mwah*

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