Live Red! A Photograph.

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

The nicest thing about “Shaking Off The Blues” is when the “Red” comes back! This is a photo I took with my cell phone camera of one of  the flowers I planted. Convertables are not the only thing I enjoy in red. Red defines how I feel about life when I’m feeling good and loved and happy. What color defines your feelings about life?

  1. LunaJune says:

    :~) don’t know how I missed this one

    my favourite colour is black
    but paisley sets me all aglow
    in all prints and shades

    when I’m sad I crave sleep
    and let dreams figure it out

    I was sad for quite along time
    until one day when the truth floated by
    how you feel about things is up to you
    how you react to life is up to you
    every day of my life I have sad things that happen
    working with the animals ,
    so here is my secret
    know what makes you smile
    know what makes you laugh
    keep the people who inspire you to do both
    on speed dial :~)
    and some days you have to go there a million times
    but go there you must
    for the way RED makes you feel
    a picture
    a song
    a butterfly
    a puppy
    a baby
    a bubble
    2 old people walking hand in hand
    the list could go on and on
    know where bliss lives
    visit often
    offer the world your smile
    and it will give it back
    let go the horror of yesterday
    reflect the wonders of you
    and with open arms accept the love flowing back

    • joannefirth says:

      You blow me away June. There is nothing I can say here, you are a wise woman. I shall read your words often, to remind me that we can rise up and overcome sadness and self pity. Life is too short. You are a reason to make me smile. Thank you for your loving, kind and heartfelt wise words. You are so loved. ❤

      I love paisley too. Remember when, back in the 60's when it was new and hip? I sure do. So, two things now to bring back in full force…..Long Hair and Paisley. Where's @Diana605 and Dani? We need to see if they love paisly too, we make an awesome team. 😉

  2. j says:

    I feel the same way about red, Joanne.

  3. unlvtbone says:

    I would say a forest green. For me it’s peace of mind, like being out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and wildlife with nothing to distract you. Green is my “everything is ok and feeling good” color.

    • joannefirth says:

      Green is a nice color, there are so many shades. I agree, forest green is a soothing. Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your “color”. I truly appreciate it Jim. 🙂

      • joannefirth says:

        And also, thank you so much for subscribing. I don’t blog all that often, but I really enjoy the option to be able to. You really made my day! 🙂

  4. juliemangano says:

    Red, definitely, when I’m feeling good. Now, brown or taupe, because I just want to blend in for a while.

    • joannefirth says:

      I totally get that Julie. Sometimes, just blending is what you need for a while. Good old red is for when you want to burst out and strut your stuff. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and commenting. What a nice surprise it was! ❤

  5. Dani H says:

    Beautiful! Not as gorgeous as you, but beautiful! Love you, bunny! *Big Squishy Hugs* ❤

    • joannefirth says:

      Wow, your fast. I added something. A question, come back if you want and answer it. Love and hugs. ThankYOU!

      • Dani H says:

        Hmmm. This is a great question! I think pink (I’m not talking color of clothes as I don’t own anything pink) would be the color at my happiest. Most of the time it would be blue ~ deepest midnight blue being sad/depressed and the blue of the ocean close to shore when seen from the air as my normal. Sheesh, don’t know why I had to get so specific! I love you more! ❤

    • joannefirth says:

      Dani, thank you so much for comming back to answer the question. I love to wear a pink shirt now and then, light pink. I used to have a really cool bike when I lived in California, it was hot, hot pink….totally the bomb. I wish for you pink every day. Big bear hug. ❤

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