A Dream, A Reality, A Thank You

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

At 52 years old some of your hopes start to fade. You’re kids are growing or grown up and things get quiet. At least for me anyway. For many years, writing was something that was mine. To do with as I please, when I please and the satisfaction was all mine to soak in. I rarely shared it and barely acknowledged it. It just was. The thing up my sleeve, the real thing that I loved more than doing anything else. A couple of years ago, I got very angry with it and a “divorce” ensued. Any words that came into my head during that period were ignored. I call those the lost words, for I will never get them back, ever.

With a great deal of support, you all know who you are, this little blog was born. I sifted through my pages of handwritten “stuff” and shared. It made me feel ill. It made me hot and uncomfortable. Not to mention queasy. Gradually, slowly I got a handle on myself and kept going. Eventually some new words came. Words that were not ignored or lost. There was a place to write them down and push a button knowing they might be read by someone. The symptoms decreased. Some very nice people stopped by and left beautiful comments in reply to my simple words. I can’t tell you how gratifying that was for someone like me. Someone who never in her wildest dreams thought she would ever share what was hiding so high up here sleeve. I thank you all for the time you’ve taken. I don’t take it lightly either. I am humbled and grateful for every single acknowledgment of what is so dear to me, my words.

As I backtrack from February 2010 in the above, I now fast forward to the fact that one of my little poems submitted to an on-line magazine just got selected to be published. Though not the “big time”, to me, the acceptance and subsequent publishing of a few of my own words is just astonishing to me. I honestly had given up hope that anything I’ve written would be professionally acknowledged. It’s like dream. Like the best dream you every had and you knew in  your heart of hearts that it would remain just that. A dream.

So, sentimental, yes. It would never have happened without you, each of you. Who either stopped by to read and leave a note. Or you, that just stopped by to read and leave a number in my visitors tally. Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to keep going, to keep doing the thing I love, with the things I love most….words.

Love, Joanne

  1. Mary says:


    I totally understand your period of “lost words.” I am currently in the midst of that myself. Congratulations on find your voice again and on the publication of your poem.


    • joannefirth says:

      Thank you so much Mary. It seems as though we have had some shared experiences. I got so angry at writing one day, that no matter what popped into my head, I just refused to write it down. Then something came, out of nowhere and I wrote it down. Like a spell was finally broken. It’s taken a long time and I don’t push it. When something needs to be written down, the words in my head let me know. I hope your words come back soon. Thank you for sharing so much with me Mary. ❤

  2. joannefirth says:

    Thank you Becky, comming from someone such as yourself, who is such an amazing writer. Who just blows me away with how you can put LOTS of words together into heart wrenching and beautiful pieces.

    I promise to put the link up when the publication comes out. Still hesitant to share too much about it, because I’m afaid that something may happen and it won’t be published. Yes, I’m a big ole fraidy cat….. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. Love you ❤

  3. Becky says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to read it. That’s awesome.

  4. Caroline says:

    Yay!! I am so happy for you!! Wait, now we have to share your beautiful words with the rest of the world?… Actually that’s ok with me, and normally I don’t like sharing. :o) The beauty of your gift, a writers gift is that each of us can have your beautiful words talk directly, intimately to us, they are ours when we read them, when they bring a tear to our eye, or a smile to our face. And for each of us the experience is different, ours. And yet – we can each partake in this wonderfulness without giving up our own experience. That my friend is an amazing gift.
    So happy for you and your new fans! xo

    • joannefirth says:

      Caroline you are so sweet, kind and supportive. I don’t think you have too much to worry about. I highly doubt the world will see my little poem. Nonetheless, it’s very exciting and validating to have taken one tiny baby step beyond this blog to share what I love so much…..words. (and without a panic attack!) 😉

      Thank you for your ever so kind compliments about what I do here. You are one of the reasons I keep doing it. It’s much easier now than in the beginning, thanks to loyal friends like you.

      I love you. ❤

  5. Wonderful news 🙂 well deserved and it is a joy to be able to read your words

  6. j says:

    Yay! And you deserve it. Link, please.

    • joannefirth says:

      Thanks so much Judy! I promise the link on Septemter 16th when it comes out. Part of me is waiting for another e-mail telling me that they changed their mind. Pinky pomise. 😉

  7. Dani H says:

    *shaking my pom poms as hard as I can* Yay, you! *Ever So Proud of You Hugs* It doesn’t surprise me in the least! You are a truly gifted poet! I can’t wait to see you published. SO glad you kept at it, bunny! Love you always!

    • joannefirth says:

      Thank you hunny, you are always so generous with your joy and enthusiasm. I’m glad I kept at it too. I almost deleted the whole thing a couple times because I was taking it all much too seriously. Now, I realize that it’s my special personal place to do what I love the best, play with words, all those funky emotions have been laid to rest. You’ve been with me here the entire way, every single post and I am eternally grateful for your love and support. *Super Giant Bear Hug Until We Fall On Ground Breathless And Giggling*. Love U!

  8. sue jeeves says:

    I feel very lucky to have found you & your writing! Congrats!

  9. Linda says:


    • joannefirth says:

      Thanks Sis….you of all people know the conflics I have about being creative. You’ve always been there to listen over the phone after I wrote something. Some very profound moments we’ve shared when my words were in line with something you had going on at the moment. That just shows how close we are. Thanks for all the years of believing in my creativity and that it is a GOOD thing. Love you!

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