Her Mane

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

The lioness

her mane

thinning now

quietly exiting

shaft by curly shaft


Her mane

ever dominant

ever loved

her  private curtain

to hide behind

to wind and unwind

in nervous anticipation


Her mane

drifting off her shoulders

threatened with extinction

chemically induced

boldly eliminated

for healing’s sake


Her mane

her courage

her beauty

her identity

her femininity

will be proven

to be not one


The lioness

her mane

though lost

though missed

though unsightly

shall not


her roar

January 12, 2011

Coventry CT

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  2. j says:

    Wow. Joanne this is stunning. I love it for the honesty, the fear and shifting sense of identity that you are willing to share in such powerful and poetic words, but also for the courage, the beautiful, amazing roar that is you.

    You inspire me.

    • Thank you Judy. This poem was very important for me. I toyed with the words for days, thinking about capturing the intense feelings I was having. Suddenly, it came to me and I wrote it down in minutes. A very powerful feeling. Healing and releasing weeks of emotion. Reading it over empowers me and helps me continue to roar. Writing is so good. ❤

  3. Fireblossom says:

    This is simply beautiful. A friend directed me here, because she knows I love lionesses. I love courage, and grace, and talent, too. Bravo.

  4. Casoly says:

    Love you. Hair, no hair, you are a wonderful person, who is loved by many and who loves fiercely. To me that is the definition of beautiful. xo

  5. dani says:

    You ROAR, bunny, no matter the mane. It is your beautiful soul and feisty spirit that ROAR. AND you look super sexy and gorgeous as a redhead, too. You know I love you SOOO much! *Sparkly Squishy ROARING Hugs* ♥

  6. Linda says:

    Hair or no hair you are still the same beautiful person and I will always love you. I can’t even imagine how hard it is to lose your hair and you are brave enough to share it with us! love love love you sis!

  7. marshaeps says:

    I am tearing up. This is absolutely beautiful expressed. I love your strong voice and your strong spirit and soul. Your roar will always be your roar. That much I know. Love you,sis.

  8. I have no words other than you are very brave….and powerful.

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