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As if erupted

From fluid currents

Wrapping around its base

Keeping its place

Majestic and historic

Time marking its birth

Layer upon layer

Ice and earth

Atmospheric conditions

Tell the story of where it has been

Atmospheric alterations

May change the ending

Frequent, curious passers-by

Pass by

Iceberg graciously grants right of way

Upon occasion

Unseeing, in the darkness

Vessels of all types

Of all sizes

Lose their bearings

Magnificent collisions

Shards of ships floating

Overboard victims

Grasping for purchase

The iceberg offers a safe haven

Until such time

It is no longer needed or necessary

The iceberg’s true predator

Comes from far above

The single orb

Relied on to sustain  life

Glaring down

Unrelenting, intense radiation


Displacing the rushing waters

Threatening  to consume

The ice queen

She continues to pose




No refuge

Subtle cracks form

Cracks become cavernous

Giving way

Splitting off as if a useless appendage



Swept away

Sun raging its war

The iceberg

Holding steady


For the solar event to end

Taking stock

Measuring mass and density

Reassurance that it still exists

Holding out hope

For all things out of its control

To turn

In favor

Of survival


April 30, 2011


Seven months in……

  1. Becky says:

    Love this Joanne.
    Icebergs are actually big and strong — forces of nature that can survive most anything.
    Iceberg –> Titanic… just saying.

  2. dani says:

    wow! just wow! stunning!

    • Thank you so much hunny!! You are so kind and loyal. I miss you and thank you for hanging in there with me this past month when I have been unavailable. I miss our chats and giggles and I miss your poems. I haven’t read a word in a month!! The iceberg poem speaks alot about where I am now, how I am feeling. Scared, alone and not knowing exactly what to expect. Anyhow, you are sensitive enough to realize that. I love you bunches and bunches and more bunches. xoxoxoxoxo

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