Freedom by guest blogger Chris Peck

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

These words were written by my son, Chris. They are raw, honest and powerful. During the most difficult and important time in his life, Chris is still able to be creative by writing, painting and playing guitar. To be truthful, he is discouraged that he has yet to find a readership for his writing. Until such time Chris has a venue of his own to share his work, I thought I would take the liberty and repost his most recent piece.  I would also  like to extend a warm welcome to Chris as he is new on Twitter. You can find him at  @peck_prodigy  or on Facebook, Chris Peck.  As always, humble thanks for visiting Words just words, your support make a huge and positive difference in my life.  Love,  Joanne 

Freedom by Chris Peck

Maybe I’ll share a word of positivity today!! Life is a gift, we are gifted, we all have special gifts, give and you shall receive. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own ways that we forget about those who are less gifted than others and we surround ourselves with material things to make us happy. If we reach out to those less fortunate and provide the intangible to a person in need, then the satisfaction from that is so much more rewarding than all the possessions in the world!!

As Americans, yeah, we are born free and are brought up in a world where our materials are so important, and status and image are a big part of our selfish lives. We rarely consider the other ways of the world, the struggles that inhabit so many other countries. We rarely stop to think about what it would be like if we lived in a society where image meant nothing or what designer jeans or purse you have to match your shoes. Some people around the world would be happy just to have a pair of jeans, or food on their plates, or may not even have a plate to eat off of.

 In life, we spend 99 percent of our time focusing on ourselves and fail to stop and see what we can do to, if not help another, at least acknowledge their way of life and humble ourselves a little to get in touch with how blessed we really are to be free to grow and flourish as an American. Although our country is slave driven by the middle class and the rich get richer and the politicians get more crooked and corrupt while the poor in the inner cities continue to overpopulated and drop like flies, we still have a sense of freedom to do what we please and be whatever it is we want to be. Unfortunately, most of us chose to be self-centered, over opinionated, selfish and naive to what is around us. Though, many of us are conscious of these things and do give back as much as we have been given.

If only all of us could take one minute a day out of our busy lives to stop and think and say, WOW, I am so thankful for who I am and what I have been given. FREEDOM people, that is the greatest gift a person could ever have. The freedom to master your abilities and thrive. The freedom to be who you want to be no matter what may stand in your way. The freedom to have an opinion without being persecuted to a certain degree. The freedom to live a long healthy life, the lifestyle of your choice and no one else’s. The freedom to one day live long enough to look back and reflect and say, “you know what , I am grateful for the freedom I’ve been given, and the gift that I’ve been given, the gift of life in America”, which will forever be the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave”.

If any of you read this, which may be one or two, maybe, take a moment to reflect on your past and appreciate your life and all those around you. Then take a minute to think of all the people in our world that could use a prayer and ask your God to shed a little light on their lives, and maybe you will appreciate your life just a little more.

Freedom is everything, and loving  keeps you humble, and that is priceless. Humility is the gift that keeps on giving!!

  1. dani says:

    “Maybe I’ll share a word of positivity today!!”

    an amazing way to start the post and a wonderful first post, my goodness! talent runs in the family, i see. thanks, Chris, for bringing our focus to these RDTS, even if just for one day… one hour… it’s a renewal of spirit. thank you both. *giant squishy group hugs* ❤

  2. RchelintheOC says:

    Hi ya J — & son! Lovely post. I’m into RDTS as Tori Amos calls them (really deep thoughts) and I love what you presented here–a reminder for us to stop & listen.

    I think that’s a good theme actually. Delving into one really good thought — examining it from every possible light. That’s what makes the best posts, I think. You’re onto something ;-)…


    • Rachel! Thank you very much, from Chris and I for reading and taking the time to comment. Chris truly appreciates the fact that someone else likes RDTS. We all have them from time to time and your idea about taking one and delving into it as a theme is totally inspiring to Chris!! I’ll have to hook the two of you up so you can have some very cool RDTS and expound on this theme theory……exciting!! Love you!

  3. Lynnette says:

    This is true not just for America but also here too (UK). We could all do to count our blessings, but often it takes life changing events for us to do so or to read something like this.

    • From Joanne and Chris. Thank you Lynnette for taking the time to read and comment. Yes, this post can be for anyone living anywhere around our world. Life changing events do grant us the time to reflect and be grateful for what we have and the opportunity to live, learn and better ourselves along the way. Chris and I appreciate your comment very much! xoxo

  4. funbobby99 says:

    I like this post, by your son. Good way to let him release his obvious talents both in writing and one in art. What he said is very deep / thought-provoking, and is one of those “mindfulness” tasks I’ve been trying to work on. I.e., find something that is present in your everyday life that you don’t notice or take for granted and focus on it and what it means to you. “Freedom” and how Chris portrayed it, fits this mindfulness exercise perfectly. Thank you for bringing it to my attention and allowing me to focus my mind on it.

    • Chris and I are so flattered that this piece was helpful to you. I’ve (Joanne) had training in mindfulness too AJ. It’s a difficult thing to achieve. I try to be mindfull of where my feet are. If my thoughts get too far out there, I bring it down and go head to toe, in the moment. I finish with noticing where my feet are. Are they warm, cold, etc. This helps bring me back from racing thoughts and getting too far ahead of myself. Being in the moment and mindfulness are both important tools to get through a stressful and fast-past day. Good luck and keep at it….it really pays off if you do the work!!! Love, Joanne and Chris

  5. Mary says:

    Tell Chris to not give up and to keep writing. He has a good heart, just like his mother. 🙂

    • Thanks so very much Mary from both Chris and I. It was very kind of you to take the time to read and comment in such a nice way. I let Chris know of your support and told him what a wonderful person you are and that you are very knowledgeable in politics. Chris is new to twitter and to blogging, both are tough to get started with. Your help and support mean the world to us. If you want to find Chris on Twitter he is peck_prodigy . I expect only great things to happen for him with his talents! xoxo

  6. shayrul says:

    Well said Chris! Thanks for giving us food for thought and reminding us to be thankful for all that we have – so much of the world has so much less.

    • thanks for taking time to read my post. I am feeling very grateful as of late, even more than usual. I hope I can reach some people with this post and maybe encourage someone to give a little. Thanks again!!!

      • Linda says:

        Well said Chris! Even if your words only encourage one other person it is worth it to write them down. Your words encouraged me today! Keep up the good work. I love you!

      • Thanks Sis, from Chris and I . Chris is so new to this venue of writing, he was surpirsed and happy at how many folks stopped by to read and comment. We love you too.

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