She and the Sea

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

For Sylvia…….


She stopped

ending her day

not minding what the clock read

she took in all she could

words bouncing off

the armor heavily shrouding her

speaking only in her quiet mind

she lay down

eyelids filtering the cracks of light

threatening her darkness

she shifted her two feet

and felt the cool sand asunder

the ocean’s hem

lacy and generous

shackled her bare ankles

sinking further into shore

snap of suction

releasing for another step forward

her fear rose

as it always did

waiting for gravity to give way

to be swallowed up

and swept away

in the wall of water

she was certain would come for her

the cracks of light

no longer penetrated her tightly closed lids

time passed

all daylight hidden

her thoughts carried her all the way through

it was all darkness now

sleep would be a gift

saturated pillow covers

belied the cool comfort of her moonlight stroll

escaping back to reality

long enough to ensure

she was still alive

her heart steady

her breathing deep

her hunger and thirst saited

she replaced her upright body

strolling through the mist

seaweed tangled and tickling


haloed light up ahead


her knees submerged

she did not deviate from her path

let the tide roll in

let it encircle her

for now she could fight it

for now she could move forward

shifting grains beneath her

told ominous tales

her thighs in the tow now

with great effort her legs pushed through

the halo of light taunted

it spoke of civilization

her hips now thrusting through

a lone seagull skidded aside her

like a flat stone

thrown by her childhood fingers


skipping along the top of the water

she counted

one, two, three before the stone was taken to the depths

shuffling now

her arms like two wooden paddles

hands like scoops

almost treading

her feet curled

toes searching for purchase

it came

submerged now

her hair splayed like tentacles of an octopus

she was becoming a sea thing

her body now void of effort

halo of light pierced through the murk

focused for a brief second

her eyes then closed



save for the motion of the sea

the sea

her last thought

the sea


August 6, 2011

Coventry CT

  1. A truly powerful poem…I felt a struggle and a surrender at the same time!
    I know how the ocean feels and, I felt it in your words! Your poem is relating a story
    that is universal.

  2. Becky says:

    It’s sad… I think. Is she sad? Do you think? Waiting for an inevitable event. I need to take a break, let the words sink in, and read it again.
    It’s beautiful. xoxo

  3. dani says:

    this is AMAZING! every line another vivid image! “the ocean’s hem” is particularly stunning! but so is the entire poem. divine poetry, bunny! ♥

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