The Edge Of My Dreams

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Disjointed scenarios

Crashing  waves

Falling asunder

Until wakefulness saves


Eyes barely open

My brain still afar

Trying to capture

While the dream is ajar


Surrounded by people

Some whom I know

Some who have passed

A long time ago


At times reoccurring

Places I’ve been

A maze of rooms

I”m afraid to go in


Scattered old lovers

Rekindling vows

Always beholden

To what life disallows


At that delicate moment

Of the night’s escapade

My eyes start to open

Adventures then fade


Leaving me in wonder

And the utmost suspense

I try to hang on to

What is now all past tense


So there I lie

A vague memory

On the edge of my dreams

On the edge of me

January 24, 2012

Coventry CT

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  2. dani says:

    LOVE this and the last verse is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!
    LOVE you, bunny! *Giant Glittery Super Squishy Hugs* ♥

  3. Thanks sis. I woke up the other day and sat and tried to piece a dream together. Mom was in it and Uncle Nick too. All I could remember was going to pick up a glass and throwing into the china cabinet. Weird. Most of my dreams lately have family members in them, but I can’t remember anything. Love you sis.

  4. Linda says:

    I have dreams like that that are recurring – I haven’t had one in a long while but lately I will have the same dream over and over on the same night and when I wake up I try and remember all the details but they escape me except for small parts of the dream. On those nights I don’t feel like I spept at all when I wake up in the morning. Beautifully said as always sis! love you! ❤

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