Words, Just Words

by Joanne Marie Firth

A Broken Man

I held the hand of a broken man

Dry and chapped

I looked into the eyes of a broken man

Unfocused and staring

I shared my home with a broken man

Homeless and freezing

I fed the stomach of a broken man

Empty and shrunken

I shared my heart with a broken man

Pierced and shattered

I shared my wisdom with a broken man

Corrupt and deceitful

I shared my soul with a broken man

Dark and contemptuous

I shared my life with a broken man

Joy and sorrow

I hugged the body of a broken man

Skeletal and sick

I’ve shared everything I have with a broken man

The well is dry

The well is empty

Now, I must let go of a broken man

My broken son

Until he finds the pieces

Until he finds the peace

To share his brokenness

With me

His broken mom


Coventry CT

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3 thoughts on “A Broken Man

  1. heart wrenching! so happy things have turned around for him!

  2. Oh, Honey. I am so sorry. It so hard to love an addict. Very painful, so confusing . . . .

    Hugs to you.

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