Days Like Today

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

Days like today

Are no match

For a smile

For it would be forced

And not the truth


Days like today

The mirror reflects

The harsh reality

That once was

Is no more

That it is better to be invisible

Than to have a monster looking back through the dirty glass


Days like today

Scalding hot pain has replaced the blood

That flows through every vein

Grief rises and nestles itself within my soul

Reminding me of all the sadness I’ve ever felt


Days like today

The things I need

Are way beyond my reach

And comfort and clarity

Have been replaced

With feelings that have no words

To describe them


Days like today

Go unexplained

Creeping through me

Like a persistent weed

That chokes all it comes in contact with


Days like today

Try to forbid me to believe

That a day like today

Will soon

Become a day like


Yet, I do

And when I wake again

These dark thoughts

Will be tamed

And tucked back into

The deepest recesses

Of my being


Days Like Today


Are necessary

To strengthen

Faith and hope

Resiliency and tenacity

Willingness to survive

And move forward

And create great distance


Good days


Days like today

April 22, 2015

Coventry CT

dark ocean Alavswn

photo courtesy of Google Images

“Devil And The Deep, Dark Ocean” by Alavwsn

  1. OpinionsToGo says:

    Joanne, I can only tell you how very sorry I am that you had a “Day Like Today.” Sincerely hoping that days such as this, will be few and far between.

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