The Greatness Within

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Uncategorized


When unharvested

Lies dormant and heaped upon

Underneath the heavy burdens of life

The quest to survive

The pain and guilt we carry

The constant hunger and thirst of our bodies

Our intentions for greatness

Lie still and waiting

Our talent shares its shadow

Inspiration, a tool which can dig through

The many heavy layers

Covering what we are meant to succeed at

I feel greatness within me

I always have

It is up to me


To purge the mess that has gathered

In my heart of hearts

In my soul of souls

My greatness is still alive

I can feel it

I can hear it speaking to me

Like my body, it hungers

Like my heart, it needs love

Like my soul, it needs to be nurtured

Whatever my greatness will be

Whatever it allows me to do

I will welcome it

For I have waited the longest time

For it to present itself

I know there is greatness in me

As I know there is greatness in everyone

Together we can help each other

Unleash the merciless and all consuming burdens

Of life

To give our greatness a place to grow

To release what was never meant to be repressed

To guide it to the surface

And let it shine

Joanne M. Firth

Coventry CT

June 12, 2015

  1. dani says:

    Your greatness has always shined through and one of these days it’s going to burst through!

    Love you!

    • Oh hunny. Thank you. I’m so behind on my e-mails. I have to reply to your sweet card. I’m in a bit of a social funk right now. I love you and I so appreciate that you read the poem and commented. I love you so much.

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