Posted: August 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the moments within inner peace and contentment

A heavy door closes

Through that door

Nothing passes

Not a memory or nagging task

Not a sense of pain

Nor a pang of regret

The light of night and day can not penetrate

Wind, rain and heat or any indication of weather

Are shut out

Behind the door lies a comfortable nothingness

A space reserved for restoration

Of body and mind

We live so hard and so fast

We love until we hurt

We imagine our dreams will one day come true

We trip, stumble and fall

Before we rise yet again

With renewed dedication and determination

We must go inside the door

With only our breath

And our beating heart

We must close the door tightly

With our last bit of strength

Only when the door is closed

Can we welcome

Inner peace

And contentment


August 19,2015

Coventry CT


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