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Untitled January 16, 2017

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I’m here O’ crimson saint

Down here at the edge of your flaming robe

Feeling the warmth

Breathing in your Majesty

Why do you not look upon me

You turn your head away

Toward your god

As if he does not exist to me

Come closer flaming apparition

For I too have fire in me

Do not be afraid

Harm can not come to one such as I

Impermeable to pain

Insurmountable grief has swirled around

Shrouding me

Showing me that all things turn


Time burns and distorts

Where there was once enchantment

There now lay ashes

Blackening my hands

What burns can not be kept

I’m here O’ crimson saint

Back to where I began

Peeling off what does not fit

Making a bed of what is left

Riding time that is but a surfer’s wave

Breathing in the hot, salty steam

There are many oceans to pour upon me

To tumble me

And take me