Haiku…a few less words than usual.

Many thanks to all of the #haiku writers I met through twitter… I can’t remember whose haiku caught my attention first, but it sure got the ball rolling. I love reading all of the beautiful words that the twitter haiku group so generously offers. On occasion, through the months,  I’ve written some of my own. I’m strictly a 5/7/5 gal.

First attempt……..

February 14, 2010

Coventry, CT


I watched our shadows/Two willowy silhouettes/Entwined, as if one

suddenly, I began to feel the creative draw of the 5/7/5!

Looking past way past/beyond, over, ahead, through/covering my eyes (my “get ready” haiku)

so, here they lie, gathered up, in one place….safe and sound

A wide brilliant smile/albeit disingenuous/worn with false courage

Cyclonic breezes / meandering playfully / teasing and tempting

Day of warm delight / twin felines basking in love / mother and daughter.

Refracted sunlight / molecular collisions / a prism’s purpose

Faceted brilliance / mocking age-old intentions / diamonds are forever

In my quiet heart/resides echos of laughter/reverberating

A kiss on the cheek/pausing time to say goodnight/acts of motherhood

Through open windows / nature’s enchanting chatter / melodic speeches

A stand of old pines / scarred from in climate weather / framing this night’s moon

Humble gratitude / energy, desire, laughter / in the midst of Spring

High expectations / continually challenge / ones will to succeed

Among hot ashes / a singed yet pulsating heart / protects love within

Hello and goodbye / far away son briefly home / miss him already

Brick by mortared brick / impenetrable fortress / comfortable abode

As I awaken / pristine beach evaporates / eyes weeping warm sand

Love that got away / can be recaptured again / wish it to be true

Dawn’s calling to wake / or lulling some to slumber / either way, listen

Faded yet lovely / outwardly transformed by time / Mother’s Day roses

Unexpected storm / chaotically powerful / gentle aftermath

Called into battle / how brave our men and women / one day peace will reign

Lilac foraging / childlike anticipation / dependable joy

Tonight’s cloudy skies / blackened canvas upon which / to paint my own stars

Echos of thunder / faint, distant undercurrents / oddly comforting

Alone or lonely / words varied definitions / change scenarios

Melodic chatter / heralding a brand new day / feathered musicians

Behold and respect / extraordinary bounty / nature’s offering

Night thunder rumbling / nature’s standing ovation / Summer has arrived!

In loving ones self / time may come to relinquish / loving another

Molten and glacial / a single earth sustaining / volatile extremes

Fireflies competing / holiday’s distant booming / my private display

Gazing and wishing / night’s brilliant stars tempt and tease / childlike hope avails

When I feel broken / standard methods of repair / not applicable

Is it all in vain? / reaching farther and higher / hope precarious

Balanced emotions / will taper harsh reactions / dormant and diffused

Surprising kindness / generous recognition / sends self-doubt fleeing

Momentarily / night will turn into morning / dreams are my sunshine

Tonight I ponder / the sad truth of where we stand / miles and hearts apart

Moon now residing / where the too hot sun shall glow / shades dark and drawn tight

Value of being / is it the opposition / Of being valued?

Blankets to my chin/sleeping dog along side legs/arms aching, empty       8/9/10

Bound and tightly gagged/silent predator within/eating me alive                          8/9/10

Loveliest stories/Our stories, lost, never mentioned/two who became one          8/10/10

End of the tunnel/where light is suppose to shine/eluding my sight                       8/10/10

Gritty, sand in toes/upon closer inspection/each grain, timeless gem                   8/10/10

Brief, cool rain shower~~~refreshing air lingering~~~most welcome event

Acorns crashing down~*~Squirrels noisily forage~*~season’s subtle clues

Late night on Twitter~*~Old and new friends hanging out~*~Poetic thoughts shared

In this fast paced world~*~poetry can give us time~*~to relax, to dream
A pleasant surprise~*~three frogs visiting my pond~*~homemade habitat
Each breath we take in~*~should be a sweet melody~*~each exhale a poem

At times, internet ~*~Can offer companionship~*~when life is quiet

Empty tin bucket~*~filled drop by drop to the brim~*~rain dancing on top

Invisible winds~*~swirling loudly through the trees~*~majestic duo

On a bench outside~*~sitting still, seeking comfort~*~wrapped up in moonlight

Sweetest September~*~I await your falling leaves~*~and falling degrees

Colorful journey~*~imaginary escape~*~over the rainbow

Life’s kind surprises~*~new friend, sharing poetry~*~kindred souls unite

Generous harvest~*~Old peach trees graciously yield~*~natural, sweet gifts
Genuine friendship~*~people giving of themselves~*~with joy in their hearts

Seeking peace within~*~wrestling under my skin~*~wonder who will win
Relaxed and content~*~slumbering cat lying close~*~I feel her breathing

His crass advances~*~leave her cold, cold as her heart~*~flame extinguished

Storybook endings~*~”happily ever after”~*~She used to believe
Outside looking in~*~she sees what she left behind~*~her identity
If her heart could speak~*~one would hear laughter and song~*~for she hides it there
Writing fills the void~*~she can openly express~*~words she can not speak
All of her regrets~*~come rushing to the surface~*~when she looks at him

Apathy, disdain~*~like the chicken and the egg~*~which one arrived first

Each evening at dusk~*~like clockwork, hungry bats fly~*~grazing the treetops

Old, thickened, gnarled roots~*~like deep underground subways~*~nourishing tall trees
The light beckons some~*~who awaken from near death~*~they chose not to look

hope floats~*~or does it?~*~I’ll let mine~*~float a while until I can~*~catch up to it

I wrote a haiku~*~about writing a haiku~*~and became confused
If my arms could reach~*~across and through all boundaries~*~endless embraces

Delicate flower~*~sun relentlessly scorching~*~helplessly

Calm behind the storm~*~homemaking tasks completed~*~candles sparkling
Sweetest aromas~*~bedding kissed by afternoon’s breeze~*~life’s simple pleasures

Now a days~*~many men~*~choose to be pilgarlic~*~so sad, for the long hair lovers

Single, drifting thought~*~propelled by wonder and doubt~*~where will it lead me?

Leaves careening down~*~as if evacuating~*from the autumn flames
Loyal plants succumb~*~yield slowly diminishing~*~seed returns to seed
Crisp, apple scented~*~exhilarating senses~*~Autumn’s unique air
Despair to content~*~shifting emotions startle~*~weathered the brief storm

Collecting pieces~*~solving internal puzzles~*~exiting the maze

Waiting and watching~*~weatherman’s words of warning~*~wind, when will you blow?

Soothing troubles~*~her brood quietly brooding~*~mother feels their pain

Dependents strong hold~*~grip loosened by maturity~*~apron strings shorter

Still needed, yet not~*~moving forward, looking back~*~time to look ahead

Limb by broken limb~*~dismantling, crashing down~*~tree silently weeps

Blessing and a curse~*~a mind, busy and creative~*~a chosen life, not
September 25, 2010 to October 31, 2010

September breezes~*~blowing open the curtain~*~stellar performance

Dry leaves skittering~*~delicate parchment memories~*~written by summer

Much murky distance~*~between the space I reside~*~and the space I need

Outside the bucket~*~rain rushing down to the ground~*~inside, soothing drops

Running and hiding~*~fear is no match for reality~*~standing eye to eye

Blossoms of summer~*~lovingly tucked in by Fall~*~for their Winters nap

Vague memories live~*~restless slumber, fitful dreams~*~endless night’s journey

Golden bars, diamonds~*~material wealth measured~*~friendship, invaluable

Navigating home~*~dense fog patches obscure sight~*~light fades to darkness

Suppressed tears emerge~*~held back by a single thought~*~will they ever cease

Wooden house settles~*~small noises reaching my nerves~*~breaking the silence

She waves her strong arms~*~above crashing, crushing waves~*~rescuers in sight

Setting my ships’ sails~*~journey to where blue meets blue~*~guided by sheer will

Preemptive worry~*~overtaking confidence~*~engaged for battle

Behind the brow lines~*~dizzying, chaotic thoughts~*~in front, composure

When poets arrive~*~welcome them with open arms~*~open mind and heart

Eyes closed, listening~*~to each unique sound of rain~*~drip, clang, clatter, splash
Thinking of the sea~*~bare, sand covered feet walking~*~where water recedes

Salt kissed, misted air~*~forceful waves curling asunder~*~gloriously crash

Frothy, white capped waves~*~unhidden beneath the moon~*~thousand dancers glow

Disappointed heart~*~shields set in place to guard it~*~there they shall remain

Step down from your throne~*~look upon your kingdom’s face~*~no different than yours

Misfortunate eyes~*~ignore the false reflection~*~mirrors sometimes lie

“It’s moments like this, that taking deep breaths only fans the flames.”  original quote JMF

Tides and fools rush in~*~forgetting to lock the door~*~and seal up the cracks

Walking in the sand~*~stepping over small castles~*~built with smaller hands

January waves~*~still crash upon winter shores~*~chilled, snow dusted sand

Weathered timbers sag~*~years of abrasive breezes~*~beach shack still standing

High expectations~*~inconsistencies  misread~*~refuse to falter

Dark Autumn midnight ~*~except where the candle glows~*~dancing circumference

“If I could pick one strategy that has helped me succeed in life, it would be the ability to look through the problem and see the solution”. Original quote. JMF

Glistening stars graze~*~upon the infinite fields~*~known as galaxies

“Taking chances.Going fast with the wind in my hair. Thinking out loud. Singing out loud and dancing the night away.” Original quote…#tweetyour16yearoldself JMF

Many signatures~*~penned on the deed to my heart~*~indelible ink

When you least expect~*~tender words squeeze your still heart~*~until it responds

Lit candle wick sways~*~attracting unwanted breeze~*~flame subtlety

Bright slice of moon pie~*~feasted upon by the stars~*~comets collect crumbs

Jetliner’s thunder~*~roaring through wooden structure~*~breaking barriers

Train whistle bellows~~*~closing my eyes to imagine~*~riding endless tracks

Silent interlude~*~the brief pause in between beats~*~of my loving heart

Poetry kindles~*~the flames in my heart and soul~*~worded nourishment

Dreams evaporate~*~droplets of condensation~*~in moist, tear shaped frames

For lovely Dani~*~tilt your chin and find a star~*~all wishes granted

Late, dark afternoon~*~partial, shrouded moon rising~*~over bare, cold branches
Four legged creatures~*~rely on two legged ones~*~love, warmth, food, a home 

Box of memories~*~generations of childhoods~*~opened with much care


Emotions pinching~*~beholding the handiwork~*~yesterday’s children

Illuminated~*~colors twinkling and sparkling~*~expressing their joy

Slight deviations~*~diversions and distractions~*~eliminate boredom

Most welcome surprise~*~gazing towards polished mirror~*~reflection smiled back

Sagging, gray old man~*~confused and unresponsive~*~sagging, gray old chair

Eve transforms to day~*~morning of wonder and hope~*~etching memory
Smoldering ashes~*~heaped close together can warm~*~the coldest of hands
Lioness roaring~*~keeping predators at bay~*~protecting her cubs

Rusty metal gears~*~creaking loudly as they turn~*~drop of oil quiets

Stone cold sand whispers~*~to the evening’s frigid waves~*~secrets of summer

If I could hold you~*~and ease your inner unrest~*~I would not let go

Still, sparking embers ~*~ radiating warm comfort~*~to pale, icy hands

Heart punctuated~*~pierced by exclamation points~*~of love and laughter

Attention scatters~*~from ravage and upheaval~*~to behold our moon

Condensing this day~*~into a single memory~*~distant, all too soon

  1. ya love ka segan hai

  2. ya love ka sigan hai

  3. […] beyond the reach of  most.  when you go to her blog,  don’t miss her additional page of   Haiku…a few less words than usual.   enjoy her words and images  […]

  4. Oh, I really like all the haiku here, Joanne, you’re so great at this. I also love the drawings accompanied by haiku – even more expressive!

  5. […] beyond the reach of  most.  when you go to her blog,  don’t miss her additional page of   Haiku…a few less words than usual.   enjoy her words and images  […]

  6. […] far beyond the reach of most. when you go to her blog, don’t miss her additional page of Haiku…a few less words than usual ~ she is also an artist and you will see a little of  her artwork there, too. this is her favorite […]

  7. lunajune says:

    we all affect eachother
    with everything we say and do
    words of love
    waves of joy
    from here to there
    and forever on
    entwined we are

    wishing you a wonderful day


  8. dani says:

    i love you ♥

  9. […] far beyond the reach of most. when you go to her blog, don’t miss her additional page of   Haiku…a few less words than usual ~ she is also an artist and you will see a little of  her artwork there, too. this is her favorite […]

  10. […] to pass up. oh, and while you’re there ~ check out the archives and also be sure to go to her “Haiku…a few less words than usual.” page ~ i promise you’ll find words you […]

  11. Dani H says:

    LOVING the ones written since my last comment. Especially:

    “If my arms could reach~*~across and through all boundries~*~endless embraces” 9/5/10

    {And I love long hair, too!}

    • LunaJune says:

      Dani :~) constantly shining with your energy and your words… heart to heart felt hugs across the world

      hugs from heart~ on waves of wonder~ hold tight ~ and comfort always #SHF & E

      • joannefirth says:

        Thank you Junebug….you are one who inspires me. Never have I seen you without something positive and encouraging to say. I truly don’t know how you do it. We can wrap our arms around eachother with our words and feel the love. Especially those of us who spend time alone….too much time. I’m grateful for you and the other worded people who fill up my life with beauty. Thank you for stopping by withy your beautiful words.

        Love me ❤

        Junebug visits me~*~shining ever so brightly~*~sunglasses needed 😉 #Haiku #JustForYOU

      • LunaJune says:

        I got lost on my way back to this post so I posted my thoughts combined with my thank you for your wonderful words to me

    • joannefirth says:

      Thank you, my sweet. Where have you been? I miss YOUR words you know. E-mail me soon. I’m glad you liked that one. I still try to do one a day. Just to keep the brain sharp, you know. Thanks for stopping by, your lovely pink flower is always a happy sight for me. Hope you are well. Love me ❤

      My Dani Flower~*~always a sight for sore eyes~*~sending giant hugs #Haiku #JustForYOU.

  12. LunaJune says:

    Oh Joanne they are beautiful :~)

    hearts calling outward~ with waves of poetic love ~ cradled in your words

    • joannefirth says:

      Thank you Junebug!! When I think back, you are one the original haiku poets who inspired me. You seem to have an endless supply of beautiful, comforting and supportive words. I thank you for your heartfelt haiku comment and visit. I also thank you for your friendship and heart tingling poetry. ❤ (Plus like Diana605, you love long hair) 😉

      • LunaJune says:

        the words~ carry thought~from heart to heart ~ through eyes and ears ~touching and changing us forever

        I too am so grateful to the wonderful poets who inspire me daily… who with such few words touch me deeply..

        you rock…

  13. Dani H says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you have added the haiku page! And your drawings! I thought it was Tina Nguyen who really encouraged you to try writing your own on twitter.


    I watched our shadows/Two willowy silhouettes/Entwined, as if one

    In my quiet heart/resides echos of laughter/reverberating

    Among hot ashes / a singed yet pulsating heart / protects love within

    But I really love them all! Thanks for sharing, bunny! Love you lots! *Big Squishy Hugs*

    • joannefirth says:

      Ah ha! You found my “extra” page….I did hours of searching the internet to try to retrieve the haiku from my old Twitter account, I think I located most of them. I never wrote any of them down on paper, so I thought it would be nice and safe to have them in one place. I’m really glad you found a few that you loved. I’ve had so much fun on Twitter writing and reading the haiku from all of you, waiting patiently for yours to come back….they are very special to me, as are you. Thank you again! Love you. ❤

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